Birthday Message Presented Using Manure

A man from Iowa gave his birthday message to his wife using 55,000 kilograms of manure.

Dick Kleis of Zwingle, Iowa,┬áspent three hours to spell “HAP B DAY LUV U” which is shorthand for the words “Happy Birthday, Love You.” dung-happy-birthday-kleis-couple

“It’s not hard,” he said. “Any manure will work but the good, soft, gushy, warm stuff works the best. It kind of melts the snow.”

Car0le Kleis said that her husband loves doing weird things for her birthday, “but maybe not this weird,” she finished.

The couple did go out for a dinner and have watched a movie to complete her 67th birthday celebration.

Dick said that he was actually planning to put a heart after the message but he already run out of manure to use. Carole said that she is already thinking of ways to beat out the “gift” she received from her husband who celebrates his natal day during May.