Bishop of Limerick Resigns Over Sex Abuse Scandal

Irish bishop Donal Murray has resigned after a report was published last month for his handling of sexual abuse cases of children by priests during the last 30 years. The Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI has accepted the resignation.donal-murray

The report, named The Murphy Report, said that the Catholic Church had covered up widespread sexual abuses of children by priests in the Archdiocese of Dublin. This means that Murray mishandled the cases as he was the Auxiliary Bishop of Dublin from 1981, the youngest appointed to such a rank at that time. It was said that he was dismissive of reports and complaints that were lodged in regarding that issue during his tenure. The most controversial part of the report was that many bishops were more concerned in protecting the dignity of the church over the protection of abused children.

He went on to become Bishop of Limerick in 1996. This is the position that he resigned from.

The Pope has expressed “outrage, betrayal and shame” over the incident. The current Archbishop of Dublin has said that Murray “did the right thing” by resigning.

The former bishop said in a statement, “I humbly apologize once again to all those who were abused as little children.”