BitTorrent Application Approved by Apple

AppStore-iconAn interesting twist showed up in the App Store recently indicating that Apple has approved an application that has something to do with BitTorrent.

The application named IS Drive became available for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. It will enable users to manageĀ ImageShack torrent download service. It can also be used to handle downloads from other torrent sites like IsoHunt and Mininova.

Last year, a uTorrent controlling application was not approved by Apple. They stated back then that they do not want to publish such applications that are used for the purpose of infringing third party rights.

Some analysts think that Apple may have overlooked “IS Drive” as a BitTorrent application and are predicting that Apple will probably remove the said application when they realize what it actually does.

However, some applications that were previously not permitted are already gracing the App Store due to a relaxed application approval guideline, an example of which is Google Voice applications.

Well, so long as it is still available, it will cost buyers $4.99.