VIDEO: Bizarre ‘Independence Day’ cloud spotted over Russia


This luminous halo of clouds above Moscow’s Western District was captured on video last Wednesday. A lot of UFO enthusiasts have been gripped by the remarkable footage and speculated it could be an alien mothership. But according to experts, it was simply a natural phenomenon.

The clip, which was posted on YouTube, shows a bizarre cloud formation— like a huge white-rimmed whirlpool— reminiscent of scenes from the 1996 blockbuster “Independence Day”.

The video was shot at the Moscow Ring Road in moving from Volokolamsky to Novorizhskoe highway and has been viewed more than 200,000 times.


Talking to the Daily Mail, a spokesman from the city’s weather bureau said: “Several fronts have been passing through Moscow recently, there was an intrusion of the Arctic air too, the sun was shining from the west – this is how the effect was produced.

“This is purely an optical effect, although it does look impressive,” he added.