B(l)aby: MP3 player for unborn babies


Pregnant moms will soon be able to bring music to the ears of their unborn children with a specially designed MP3 player.

The device, called the B(l)aby, is a contoured belt that wraps around a mother’s waist with a room for iPod and USB adapter. It has three built-in vibration speakers that play tunes into her womb.

“Scientists have talked about music being a catalyst for an unborn child’s mental growth,” the Daily Mail quoted inventor Geof Ramsay as saying. “This simple device gives mothers a chance to try out that theory. Of course, classical music is what the experts have suggested be used, but there is nothing to stop you playing your favorite Beatles track or even Led Zeppelin.”

Ramsay, a Canadian design student, has included a bonus for the mothers.

He said: “There are three tiny massage mechanisms in the back of the contoured belt that provide the mother to be with a relaxing massage after a long day.”

[Image via Flickr]