Israeli scientists breed antioxidant-rich black tomatoes

Black Galaxy Black Tomatoes

Israeli horticulturists have developed a new variety of tomato that is red on the inside, and black on the out.

Dubbed the ‘Black Galaxy‘, the strange fruit was bred to contain higher than normal levels of antioxidants and Vitamin C, which means it may be more nutritious than a regular tomato.

Technological Seeds, the company behind the achievement, says the color is the produce of a special pigment, which was derived from blueberries and introduced into the new species.

The ‘Black Galaxy’ is intended for luxury hotel market due to its unique color. The new crossbreed will make its worldwide debut next week at the Arava Agricultural R&D Exhibition, which is also open to the public. The show will also feature seedless lemons, a new species of strawberries, red lemons and rainbow carrots – which are yellow, purple and pink.