Blogging Out, Facebook In

A report indicates that teenagers are gearing up towards social networking over blogging and using twitter.facebook-shot

A significant drop by half was recorded for blogging. In 2006 the percentage of teenagers who blog is at 28%, today it is at 14%. Part of the reason is that there was a shift to the site being used. Before, MySpace dominated the arena. It has blogging as the main and central activity. Today, Facebook is the chosen site to go with. It doesn’t have blogging features.

The youth are preferring micro-blogging versus macro-blogging. People just try to make comments from other people’s status. The percentage of people who make comments in blogs are down to 52% from 76% three years ago.

Meanwhile, twitter is not much of a success, as teenagers opt to use text messaging instead.

The surveys were conducted in two demographic groups, the first one from ages 12-17 while the second one is for those 18 and above.

The study results by the Pew Internet and American Life Project are as follows:

Teenagers use that internet for:

  • Social Networking – 73%
  • Sharing Content – 38%
  • Blogging – 14%
  • Twitter – 8%

Teenagers use the following devices to go online:

  • Desktop/Laptop – 93%
  • Cell Phone – 27%
  • Game Console – 24%
  • Portable Device – 19%