Boat made of plastic bottles ready to sail


British explorer David de Rothschild will set out on an 11,000-mile journey across the Pacific Ocean at the end of March—in a boat made of recycled plastic bottles.

He hopes his unique vessel– the Plastiki, will influence people to recycle more. Except for the masts, which are metal, everything on the 60-foot catamaran is made from recycled plastic. Around 12,000 two-liter soda bottles are being collected to fill in the twin hulls of the boat.

“It’s about articulating solutions,” de Rothschild told the National Geographic. “We are showcasing smart materials, and all of these have an effect that can go much further.”

When Plastiki’s voyage is over, the boat will be broken down and turned into emergency shelters, shipping pellets, clothes, and even more bottles.

See video about the expedition:

[Via National Geographic]