Bob Crowley is Survivor: Gabon winner

survivor gabon winner

After 39 days, Bob Crowley, The 58-year-old physics teacher from Gorham, Maine emerged as the winner of Survivor: Gabon.

“My plan was to fly under the radar as long as I could … and be a nice guy, so that people would like me,” Crowley summed up shortly after his name was announced by host Jeff Probst, on a post-game special aired live from Hollywood.

survivor gabon winner

The Indiana Jones and Robinson Crusoe hybrid beat Susie and Sugar on Sunday in the final 3 to take home the million dollars and became the oldest frontrunner in “Survivor” history.

He received four votes from the seven-person jury, as his capacity to make his own luck by winning immunity beat out Susie’s flying under the radar and Jessica “Sugar” Kiper’s  tactical maneuverings. Susie came close with three votes, taking second place.

“I had to lie — and that’s part of the game — several times,” Sugar acknowledged while pleading her case between giggles. “And I’m sorry.”

I think Bob deserves it. He won five consecutive challenges — the most anyone has ever won in the show’s history!

Photo: CBS