Bombings Rock Baghdad Apartments

Things are turning from bad to worse in Baghdad. Just several days since suicide bombers attacked embassies in the Iraqi capital, terrorists struck again on Tuesday. Local authorities said no less than seven explosions rocked Baghdad, killing at least 49 people.

The attacks targeted apartment buildings and a market, raising fears that sectarian violence could again erupt in the country that is trying to transition to democracy following years under the dictatorship of the late Saddam Hussein.

No group has come out to take responsibility for the attacks, but both local and American security officials believe that terrorist group al-Qaeda is behind the recent spike in violence.

Meanwhile, former Prime Minister Ayad Allawi, whose party emerged victorious in the recent parliamentary elections, said insurgents are capitalizing on the unstable political situation in the country. He warned that terrorist “operations will increase in Iraq” if the political impasse is not resolved immediately.

No political group was able to get enough parliament seats to form a majority government, leading to the impasse that threatens to leave a power vacuum once the term of the current government officially ends this year.