Borders Bookstore starts Pre-Order Sales for Kobo e-Book Reader

kobo-e-readerUndaunted by the high success of iPad, bookstore Borders announced that it has begun pre-order for the electronic book reader Kobo. It will start arriving to consumers on June 17; thus, it is currently being marketed as an ideal Father’s Day gift.

Kobo, will be competing not only with iPad but also with Amazon‘s Kindle and rival bookstore Barnes & Nobles’ Nook. The Nook, Kindle and Kobo all use a 6 inch electronic ink screen.

The device costs 150 USD, it doesn’t have wi-fi or 3G connectivity but it will have Bluetooth. The dimensions of Kobo are 7.2 by 4.7 by 0.4 inches and weighs 200 grams. It has 1 GB internal memory and an SD card expansion slot. It will come pre-loaded with 100 public domain public books.

While Borders will be selling the unit in the United States, it will be sold by Indigo/Chapters in Canada.

Borders also announced that it plans to launch its own e-book store that will compete with Apple‘s iBookstore and the upcoming Google Editions.