Bosnia Cancels Angelina Jolie’s Permit to Film

angenlina-jolie-goodwill-ambassadorA culture minister in Bosnia has cancelled the permit to shoot a part of a movie that will become the first directorial job for Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie.

Jolie is currently filming the movie in Budapest, Hungary and was planning to move to Bosnia. The film is supposed to be about a Serbian man and a Bosnian woman who fell in love in the middle of a war.

The war depicted in the film is the Bosnian War, which lasted from 1992-1995.

The reason for the cancellation came after a group of Bosnian War women victims complained that the actual story of the film is different from what was previously informed. They said that the film would actually portray the Serbian woman falling in love with the man who raped and tortured her.

Jolie has expressed her intent to meet the group of women who are complaining to reassure them on what really is the story of the movie.