Boston City Hall– The Ugliest Building on the Planet

This is not exactly the type of honor one would hope for.

Boston City Hall made #1 on a national travel website’s ugly building list. offered a sharp-tongued evaluation of the building. Editors and readers picked the city hall as the worst of the worst when it comes to office design.

boston city hall

“While it was hip for it’s time, this concrete structure now gets routinely criticized for its dreary facade and incongruity with the rest of the city’s more genteel architecture. Luckily, it’s very close to more aesthetically pleasing attractions.”

Mayor Thomas M. Menino has sought for years to move City Hall, most recently pitching a move to the seaport, where it could anchor the growing district.

Here’s the top 10 ugly buildings and monuments:

1. Boston City Hall – Boston, Massachusetts
2. Montparnasse Tower – Paris, France
3. LuckyShoe Monument – Tuuri, Finland
4. Metropolitan Cathedral – Liverpool, England
5. Port Authority Bus Terminal – New York City, New York
6. Torres de Colon – Madrid, Spain
7. Liechtenstein Museum of Fine Arts – Vaduz, Liechtenstein
8. Scottish Parliament Building – Edinburgh, Scotland
9. Birmingham Central Library – Birmingham, England
10. Peter the Great Statue – Moscow, Russia

“Some of these picks have all the charm of a bag of nails while others are just jaw-dropping in their complexity. Love them or hate them, the list is certainly entertaining,” said General manager Giampiero Ambrosi.