Boston Rob Voted Out of Survivor: Heroes Vs Villains

Reality show veteran Rob Mariano has been the newest castaway voted out of the latest edition of Survivor.Rob-and-Amber-mariano-people

Mariano, popularly known as Boston Rob, seems not to be able to win a reality show. In his fifth appearance for Survivor, Boston Rob placed 13th overall after he was voted out by his “Villains” tribe mates in Survivor: Heroes Vs Villains.

Boston Rob previously competed in the following editions:

  • Survivor: Marquesas where he finished 10th place
  • Survivor: All Stars where he finished as runner-up to future wife Amber Brkich
  • Amazing Race Season 7 where he and then fiancee Brkich placed second
  • Amazing Race All Stars where he and wife Brkich placed eighth

After last week’s “stupid” tribal council where castaway Tyson Apostol accidentally voted himself off, thus saving Russel Hantz, Boston Rob’s alliance broke up. Jerri Manthey defected to the group of Hantz.

Asked in an interview about being outplayed by Hantz, he answered: “Did Russell outplay me? It seems as if Russell got the better of me.”