Boxer banned from ring because of ‘boob job’


A former model attempting to compete in Olympic boxing has been banned from fighting – because she has breast implants.

The Amateur Boxing Association of England (ABAE) turned down Sarah Blewden‘s application on the grounds that her fake breasts would put her at risk in the ring, UK’s Daily Mail reported on Monday.

“International rules forbid anyone with breast implants continuing to box because of risk of damage to the breast tissue,” said Tony Attwood, chairman of the ABAE.

The 25-year-old boxer, who had breast enlargement surgery in 2003, has criticized the boxing association’s ruling.

“’I think it is just ridiculous. My surgeon said they make me no more vulnerable than any other woman,” she told the Daily Mail of her 32C breasts.

Blewden appealed, arguing she would wear a breast protector, but was denied.

“They are not enormous ones – they are in proportion. They are gel implants and not liquid so they won’t burst. And if I suffer capsular contracture and need to pay for corrective surgery then that is my decision.”

Women’s boxing is not currently an Olympic sport, but officials want to change the rules to open all events to both sexes for London 2012.