Boxing Champ James Toney to Make UFC Debut

UFC president Dana White calls it a “freak show” fight, but reigning International Boxing Federation heavyweight champion James Toney believes he will be a man on a mission when he makes his MMA debut against Randy Couture on Saturday’s UFC 118 at the TD Garden in Boston.

Toney,42 and ¬†considered one of the most accomplished boxers of his time, said he is out to prove that White is wrong when he suggested that MMA fighters are better than boxers. White has denied making a blog post that promotes MMA fighters as superior to boxers, but Toney is determined to show that “boxing’s still on top.”¬†“I want to prove boxing’s the best sport. Period. I’m looking forward to showing the world that boxing’s No. 1,” Toney said.

Toney, who has won by knockout 44 times in his boxing career, is considered a 7-1 underdog, but may have the puncher’s chance against Couture. However, White believes Couture, one of only two UFC fighters to win titles in two divisions, would eventually come out on top when the dust clears on Saturday. “What I think is going to happen is Randy Couture’s going to double-leg him (take him down by wrapping up both legs), get side control and smash his head, and they’re going to stop the fight,” White said.