Boycott Threatens Alice in Wonderland Release in Europe

Disney is facing boycott from cinemas in Europe if it will insist that the DVD counterpart of the film Alice in Wonderland will be released three months after the movie hits theaters.Alice-In-Wonderland-Theatrical-Poster

European cinema chains said that Disney is not honoring an agreement that DVD releases of films should be released at least four months after theatrical openings. This is to protect movie ticket sales believing that moviegoers would opt to wait for the DVD instead.

In Netherlands alone, the four largest cinema chains who threatened to boycott the film comprises 80%-85% of all movie houses. They admit that such a decision will actually mean lost money as they regard the film as one of the most anticipated for 2010. However, they also wanted to make a stand against movie outfits that agreements and terms should be followed.

The movie is directed by Tim Burton and stars Johnny Depp, Helena Bonham Carter and Anne Hathaway. It will be shown in 3D format and will have its world premiere in London on February 25.