Boyfriend Gets Surprise Park Wedding

A New Zealand man got the surprise of his life when his longtime girlfriend arranged a secret park wedding over the weekend.

According to Stuff, Cherie Butler told boyfriend David Shoemark Saturday morning that they would be having a picnic in the afternoon. Shoemark was completely unaware of the plan that he even went fishing in the morning. He directly went to Pollard Park after his morning fishing trip hoping to join his girlfriend at the picnic. However, what he saw when he arrived was a radiant Butler in a black and white wedding dress, along with around 40 family members and friends, with an officiating officer ready to solemnize the marriage.

Luckily for everyone, Shoemark had asked girlfriend Butler to marry him several times and always got “one day” as a reply. So, the only drama was the sort of things that can bring tears of joy. Had it been otherwise, this could have been a disaster that would have easily resulted in an embarrassment of epic proportion for the bride-to-be while also probably causing the groom-to-be to run berserk.