BP Testing Extended by One More Day

BP_LogoThe critical test of the blown-out well that has been able to shut off the huge oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico will be extended for one day by BP PIc.

The announcement came Saturday, July 17 by the United States government.

“As we continue to see success in the temporary halt of oil from the leak, the U.S. government and BP have agreed to allow the well integrity test to continue another 24 hours,” said retired Coast Guard Admiral Thad Allen, the US National Incident Commander.

A containment cap was installed atop the well, which is a mile away under the ocean surface. It was able to stop the oil leak that started last April 20 after a rig explosion where 11 workers got killed.

Meanwhile, the permanent solution to control the problem is underway. BP is drilling relief wells, which will plugged the leak with mud and cement, will be finished by mid-August.