Brazilian Woman Comes Alive Inside Coffin

Buffy-Buried-AliveAn 88-year-old Brazilian woman has just proven that the dead can comeback to life—or doctors can just really mess up.

Maria das Dores da Conceicao from the municipality of Ipatinga in the state of Minas Gerais in Brazil’s southeastern region was already inside her coffin after being declared dead by doctors at the municipal hospital hours earlier and was being prepared for her burial when she suddenly started breathing and moving. According to the DailyMail, workers at the funeral parlor rushed da Conceicao back to the hospital after noticing that she was moving and breathing inside her coffin. Her granddaughter said da Conceicao was still in her coffin when she was brought back to the hospital. “She was breathing and moving about on one side of the coffin more than when she had been initially hospitalized,” Noeme Silva Amancio said.

The office of the municipal mayor said that da Conceicao was declared dead in the afternoon of December 22 after she “did not present any signs of being alive.” She is now recovering at the intensive care unit of the hospital where she was declared dead days ago.