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Breakup Notifier: Facebook App Tracks Relationship Status Changes

Facebook users waiting for their crushes to ditch their boyfriends or girlfriends now have an easy way to know when their prayers are answered with the Breakup Notifier—an app that sends e-mail alerts to users when any of their friends change their relationship status.

Launched over the weekend by creator Dan Loewenhertz, the app allows users to choose the friends whose relationship status they want to monitor. Why the app? Breakup Notifier’s tagline says it all: “You like someone. They’re in a relationship. Be the first to know when they’re out of it.”

Loewenhertz said that he made the app after listening to his fiancée and future mother-in-law lament that the man who would be perfect for his soon-to-be sister-in-law was already taken. Loewenhertz, in an interview with New York Daily News, said that he jokingly asked his fiancée and her mother if they wanted something that could alert them when the supposedly perfect guy became single. Several hours later, the Breakup Notifier was born and two days since it was launched on Sunday the app already has more than 200,000 users.