Bret Michaels Says He Might Be the Next American Idol Judge

bret-michaelsBand singer Bret Michaels announced during his recent concert in Biloxi, Mississippi that he might be the next American Idol judge.

Sometime in the middle of the concert, he told concert attendees that he was asked by the show to be a judge next year. But he also said that that is not yet final as of the moment. A source close to Michaels said that he is already near in closing the deal.

Fox, however, is not commenting on anything that is related to the issue of Simon Cowell‘s replacement.

Meanwhile, reported that Cowell suggested Michaels as a replacement at the Idol finale party last week.

Michaels have previously served as a judge in Nashville Star in 2005 during its spring third season. He has been in the music industry for the last 23 years.

The Celebrity Edition third edition winner performed during the grand finale of the ninth season of American Idol.