Bret Michaels Suffers “Warning Stroke”

Bret_MichaelsBret Michaels‘ recovery from a hemorrhage might not be going as smoothly as doctors had earlier thought. Michaels was taken to a hospital after suffering what is medically known as Transient Ischemic Attack or “warning stroke.” The Poison front man complained of numbness on the left side of his face and hands.

A “warning stroke” has no lasting damage, but treatment is necessary to prevent fatal, major strokes. Doctors who attended Michaels said the minor stroke might not be directly related to the hemorrhage that left Michaels in intensive care unit for several days last month.

Doctors said that Michaels’ body may still be recovering after the hemorrhage, although there is no question about his determination to get back his normal life. A statement on his Web site says that Michaels “has made it clear he is sick and tired of being in the hospital and is ready to rock again.” The 47-year-old rock star was expected to appear at the finale of “The Celebrity Apprentice,” where he is one of the last two finalists. There is no confirmation yet if Michaels can recover on time for Sunday’s live finale after the latest set back.