Bret Michaels Wins “Celebrity Apprentice”

Bret_MichaelsBret Michaels was “hired” by business mogul Donald Trump on Sunday, edging actress Holly Robinson Peete in the finale of “Celebrity Apprentice.” Michaels, who experienced several medical scare in recent months, won $250,000 for his chosen charity, the American Diabetes Association.

Michaels appeared on the live finale despite being rushed to hospital a few days earlier after suffering a “warning stroke.” Doctors also discovered that the Poison front man has a hole in his heart. Prior to the mini stroke, Michaels suffered a brain hemorrhage that required him to undergo surgery and stay for several days in an intensive care unit.

Trump praised Michaels for doing an “amazing job in every single way,” before saying, “Bret, I have to tell you — you’re hired.” Trump also took notice of Michaels’ bravery, saying that the 47-year-old singer may be risking his life by coming to the live finale, probably against doctor’s advice. An inquiry that Michaels answered: “Lately it seems like me just standing me up is risking my life,” adding that doing so was worth all the risk as he “came to win.”