Britain Braces for May 6 Elections

United Kingdom Prime Minister Gordon Brown went on to ask permission from Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II to dissolve the parliament and set a general election on May 6.gordon brown

Opinion polls show that the opposition Conservative Party leads the Labour Party. The only differences between the polls is how much is the lead. However, all poll results show that no party has an overall majority. A third major party, namely the Liberal Democrats, will be playing a crucial role if no majority is achieved by either two parties.

This will be the first election that Brown will be spearheading. He became Prime Minister in 2007 but Labour Party has been in control since 1997. Tony Blair, Brown’s predecessor, was the party leader during the 1997, 2001 and 2005 elections.

General elections in UK do not have a fixed date. According to the Parliament Act 1911, parliamentary sessions last a maximum of five years and are ended with the dissolution of Parliament. The governing party has the choice of setting an election date. The 2010 elections can be scheduled until June 3, 2010.