Britain Wants to Microchip Dogs

Britain Seeks Microchips in DogsBritish dog owners might soon need to microchip their pets. The government is proposing a law that would require owners to microchip their dogs and take out insurance as part of efforts to address the growing number of dog attacks in the country. Home Office Secretary Alan Johnson said fitting microchips in dogs would make it easier to go after owners of animals that are involved in attacks. In addition, the insurance would ensure that victims of dog attacks are given proper treatment and receive compensation for their ordeal.

If the proposals are approved, a microchip would be implanted into the back of all dogs. Johnson assured that the process of inserting the microchip would be painless. The plan has earned the support of animal welfare groups. The U.K.-based RSPCA said the microchip would also be helpful in identifying owners of lost dogs.

However, some civil libertarians believe that the microchipping proposal is just another way for the government to get more information on people. Privacy rights advocate Dylan Sharpe of Big Brother Watch said the microchip plan is another form of “surveillance” by the government.