Britain’s Got Talent: Julia Naidenko dances to ‘Lady Marmalade’ (video)


Julia Naidenko once again impressed the male judges of Britain’s Got Talent when she took to the stage, wiggling and grinding her way through her routine.

Pierce: “I thought it was stunning performance and I was very grateful you brought all your friends this time as well.”

Amanda: “I honestly think that the Queen will be very upset how distracted Prince Phillip and the boys will be. And you are far too sexy.”

Simon: “You are very beautiful, very talented. I apologize for Amanda’s bitchy comments.”

The two judges weren’t the only men bowled over by her. I, too, was mesmerized. Unfortunately, the 24-year-old Latvian belly dancer didn’t get through to the final of the competition.

Here’s the video of Julia dancing to the tune of Lady Marmalade on Britain’s Got Talent semi-finals (May 24).

You can also watch the video here.