Britain’s Got Talent: It’s a whole new world for Two Grand (video)


Two Grand is a duet with a difference. The act is made up of John, 76, and his granddaughter Sally, 12. And John’s biggest ambition is to perform at the Royal Variety with his granddaughter at his side.

They have been singing together for the last two years, but according to Sally: “It can take him quite a while to learn the words to the songs.”

The audience were instantly captivated by the pair. They sang A Whole New World from Disney’s Aladdin and when Simon buzzed, the viewers showed their displeasure to the judge.

“I love the relationship between the two of you,” Simon said, “but it’s like putting seven sugars in your coffee. It’s a little bit too sweet.”

Amanda on the other hand was surprised. “I wasn’t expecting that to be that good,” she told them. Piers added: “This competition is all about people like you. You came out here and totally charmed this audience”.

Here’s the video of Two Grand’s performance on Britain’s Got Talent:

You can also watch the video here