British Company Creates Jam Mixed with Princess Diana’s Hair

How would you like to eat bread with milk jam and a speck of hair from the late Princess Diana? That’s apparently what English food art company Bompas & Parr wants people to do, as it announced the creation of a jam infused with Princess Di’s hair.

Sam Bompas, who founded the company in 2007, said he wanted to create a food that could be a subject of conversation. However, if eating a deceased royal’s hair does not appeal to you, maybe an absinthe-pineapple jam with a hint of sand from the Great Pyramids of Egypt would be enough to jump start your day. Plum and oak jam mixed with wood from the warship The Victory, which Lord Nelson used in the famous Battle of Trafalgar, is also available for those who want to digest a part of history.

Bompas, in a conversation with CNN, said it was part of the company’s plan to make jams that have all these “weird and wonderful ingredients.” “By using things like sand from Egypt, hair from Princess Diana, if you are going to choose an odd ingredient, choose one that everyone can relate to.”

The jams are currently available at the London’s Barbican Art Gallery at around $7 a jar. However, Bompas and Parr is now planning to make the jams, which have passed safety tests, available worldwide.