British Queen Greets Troops; Troops Get Extra Hour To Call Home for Christmas

Queen Elizabeth II greeted and saluted the British troops currently deployed in Afghanistan in her traditional Christmas Day  message to the Commonwealth. The men and women in uniform were given an extra hour to call home and greet their loved ones for the yuletide season.british-troops-afghanistan

The queen saluted the troops after the country has suffered its deadliest year when it comes to war battles. A record of 106 military members have died in service since January 1. This is the most since deployment began in 2001, in fact the most since 1982, in the Falklands War in Argentina. The total number of casualties since 2001 now stands at 243.

As a treat, soldiers in the operation got 30 minutes free talk time on phone per week and unlimited Internet access. Soldiers in front line were given 30 minutes for phone from the Ministry of Defense and additional 30 minutes from the military’s satellite communications provider.

For full details, click here for the AFP report.