British Student ‘Copies’ Jack the Ripper

A British PhD criminology student studying 19th-century murders, specifically Jack the Ripper, was recently arrested for murdering women in Yorkshire, England in the mode of that legendary serial killer.

Reports said the 40-year-old student, Stephen Griffiths, was arrested for killing three prostitutes, one of whom he took down by using a crossbow. The suspect was caught via a CCTV footage submitted by an apartment building caretaker.

According to the Telegraph, the footage showed a man chasing after a woman before knocking her unconscious. “The attacker then disappeared from view, only to return moments later with a crossbow which he used to fire a bolt into her head,” the Telegraph reported.

Believing that the man in the video killing 36-year-old Suzanne Blamires was Griffiths, the police arrested the suspect at his house who then showed the chopped up bodies of his two other female victims.

The suspect’s recent behavior has also showed his serial killer potential. Neighbors said Griffiths kept 100 mice in a truck in his apartment where he lived alone. Neighbors added that he bred these mice to feed his two giant monitor lizards. Reports said he also previously bragged to his neighbors that he was getting “a Ph.D. in murder and Jack the Ripper.”