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British woman dives 314 feet below the Atlantic on a single breath


37-year-old breath-holding expert Sara Campbell pushed the limits of human endurance to new levels as she dived 96 meters (314 feet) below the surface of the Atlantic and back again on just one breath.

Last night, at Vertical Blue competition on Bahamas’ Long Island, Campbell went deeper than any female diver has gone before without breathing apparatus or equipment to accelerate her plunge.

By holding her breath for 3 minutes and 36 seconds, Campbell broke the world record in freediving.

“The dive felt great and I’m just feeling fantastic,” she told The Times. “At one point I started feeling negative thoughts — ‘Do I really want to do this?’ — but then I told myself not to be ridiculous, just get it done, go for the bottom.

Dubbed as ‘Mighty Mouse’ because of her petite five foot frame, Campbell has been studied by doctors to try to understand her amazing physiology. Her lungs are 25 percent bigger than an average person of her size and weight, allowing her to pack more air into her system before she descends.

Campbell will return to the water after four days in an attempt to conquer her record with a 100-meter dive.

“It’s a big number, but I believe I have it in me,” she said.

The world record for a person holding their breath under water while static is 10 minutes 12 seconds.