British Woman Sentenced for Loud Sex Noise

A British woman in Washington, England was sentenced for eight weeks suspended over the next 12 months for excessive noise when having

Caroline Cartwright was given the sentence by Judge Beatrice Bolton at Newcastle Crown Court. The sentence means that if she engages again in noisy lovemaking over the next year, she will automatically serve the eight-week prison time.

“I’ve heard a very short extract of the noise you make and can well see that your neighbours would be upset and distressed by this,” said the judge.

Neighbors, passers-by and the neighborhood letter carrier complained about the noise heard when Cartwright and her husband Steve do their marathon coupling.

The local council had setup a special equipment to record the noises which measured between 30-40 decibels with peak at 47 – the level of a regular conversation in the same room.

Cartwright told the court that she could not help herself, that she thinks it is normal and that it was not something she does on purpose.