Brittany Snow for MAXIM April 2011

Brittany Snow Maxim Cover

Brittany Snow and her enviable pair of natural flotation devices cover the April 2011 issue of Maxim, on newsstands now.

Ah, I can spend my days staring at this. A quick browsing of the magazine reveals that the 25-year-old actress is single and enjoys music a lot. Here are some highlights:

You’re probably best known for playing high schoolers, but on David E. Kelly’s new show, Harry’s Law, you play a wacky legal secretary. How does it feel to be all grown up?

Well, I’m excited for people to realize that I’m 25 years old and not a teenager anymore…even though I still look 18 and can’t get into a bar to save my life!

Are you single?

I’m so single. It’s funny. I’m usually a relationship girl. I love being in love and having a partner in crime. But it’s good to be your own partner in crime. God, that makes me sound like I have multiple-personality disorder.

So what do you do for fun?

Music is a huge part of my life. I get to do a little singing on the show, but it’s not like I want to be a pop star. I can’t pull off that sexy pop singer face. It’s too much for me.

Do you think of yourself as a sex symbol now?

Oh, hell no! It’s weird. I’ve read in magazines where someone like Jessica Alba says, “I’m not a sex symbol. I don’t even think I’m sexy!” I’m like, Oh, my God, girl, you’re kidding. I mean I hate to sound like the stereotypical actress, but if I’m gonna be honest…I really don’t think I am. But it’s nice when other people think so!

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