Broadmann Blades: Ping-Pong Paddle without the handle


What you see above is not a swimming paddle but some kind of a table-tennis paddle where you slide your hands in and smack the ball. It’s called the Broadmann Blades!

The set is priced at $100 and includes the two paddles, four balls, terrycloth wristbands and a carrying case. The designer claims that the player can have direct ball feel, enhanced sweet spot, direct coordination, and better control.

Alfred Brodmann, the guy behind the revolutionary paddle, approached the International Table Tennis Federation and received an enthusiastic preliminary reaction. ‚ÄúThis innovation may eventually be incorporated into international competition”, says Mr. Rudolf Sporrer, Rules Committee Chairman of the ITTF in Vienna, Austria.

According to him, the invention represents the first revolutionary idea since the beginning of the sport in the late eighteen hundreds.

[via Broadmann]