Bronze Sculpture Breaks World Record

Are you one of those who appreciate arts as it should be or are you one of those people who cannot comprehend how a particular art is supposed to be good or beautiful.walking-man-i

Well, people would give different opinions over a bronze sculpture of a very thin man walking in mi-stride if it deserves to be worthy of a record breaking auction prize of 104.5 million dollars.

Walking Man I, a 1960 six-foot tall sculpture by Swiss artist Alberto Giacometti, was sold at 65 million British pounds in a Sotheby auction breaking the record for highest price paid for a work of art at an auction.

Previous record was held by a Pablo Picasso artwork Boy with a Pipe set in 2006. It was sold at 58 million British pounds (at the conversion that time, it is equivalent to 104.1 million dollars).

The sculpture was only expected to be sold between 12 to 18 million British pounds. However, around 10 bidders escalated the price within just 8 minutes. The winner bid over a telephone.