Brothel Buster Investigator: Every Man’s Dream Job

Brothel Buster Investigator

What type of job do you dream about? I know someone who dreams of becoming a fashion model, and another one who wants to be a famous musician. Then, there’s this particular guy who hopes of becoming a politician, and those who seek fame as a reality star.

But imagine being paid $70,000 annually to “partake of sexual services” at brothels in New South Wales. I like to call this “Every Man’s Dream Job“.

From this website:

“Applicants [for Brothel Buster Investigator] were required to be unmarried and preferably single, to be willing to have protected sexual intercourse with prostitutes and to provide sworn evidence in court.”

According to Lachlan Jarvis, operations manager of Lyonswood Investigations and Forensic Group in Sydney, it was a completely legal service the firm had provided for local councils in New South Wales for a long time. Councils hire the private eye to go to suspected illegal brothels and gather evidence to prove they are offering sexual services, he added.

Applicants were also required to have a private investigator license, awareness of occupational health and safety, and good command of written and spoken English.

Unfortunately, Jarvis said the position had since been filled.