Bulgaria Prime Minister Stops Alcohol Tax Raise

The villagers of Kapatovo, Bulgaria has named their home-made rakia brandy in honor of the Bulgarian Prime Minster Boiko Borisov in gratitude to him for ending parliament’s plan to raise alcohol taxes, reports Reuters.rakia-bulgaria-tax

The name given to the village’s 2009 rakia is “Borisovka.”

“The people of my village and other villages are jubilant. But not because we are drunkards, this must be clear. We simply want to preserve this tradition of making rakia at home,” Standart Daily quoted Kapatovo’s mayor Ognyan Kukov as saying.

Parliament resurrected a plan to raise alcohol taxes that it has abandoned last month after the public outcries against it. The proposal was to be approved when the prime minister stepped in and asked to throw out the plan.

Rakia, a traditional fruit brandy, can be produced by Bulgarian families without tax up to 30 liters per year.

The government instead raised gambling taxes to 15% to help the country though the recession.