Burger King Condom Case Dropped

burger_kingA man who filed a suit against a famous fast food chain has dropped his lawsuit after an out-of-court settlement. The case was filed after the man claimed that he bit a condom while eating his burger that he bought from Burger King.

Devin McLaughlin, the lawyer for the man who was accusing made the announcement. His client, Van Miguel Hartless, claimed that one day in 2007, he accidentally bit an unwrapped condom in the Southwestern Whopper burger he was eating at the chain’s branch in Fair Heaven, Vermont. He then sued against the owners of Burger King, which is based in New York, who in turn, denied the allegations and filed for countersuits.

Details of the out-of-court settlement were not disclosed. The case was supposed to go in to jury selection next month.

At the time of the incident, the branch and the owners denied the allegations while Hartless said that he suffered from vomiting and nightmares about what had happened.