Bush and Clinton Co-chairs US Aid Effort for Haiti

United States President Barack Obama is expected to announce the appointment of two former presidents as co-chairs for the nation’s relief efforts to earthquake-stricken Haiti. The former presidents are his immediate predecessors, George W. Bush and Bill Clinton.5Presidents-BushObamaBushClintonCarter

Clinton is already the United Nations Special Envoy to Haiti when the massive tremor hit last Tuesday, January 12. He has also served the same role for the Asian tsunami along with former president George H.W. Bush, father of then president and now Clinton’s partner. The younger Bush appointed them to that position in 2004.

The role will be the younger Bush’s first re-emergence into international spotlight after leaving the White House almost a year ago. The appointment is crucial and beneficial as the current administration keeps hitting the previous government for the country’s two biggest problems today – the economy and the terrorism war. Mr. Bush never hit back publicly believing that he has all the rights to make public opinions.

The non-controversial humanitarian efforts are what former presidents normally do aside from giving public speeches.