Cablevision Loses Sight of ABC

Close to 3.1 million subscribers of Cablevision might not be able to watch the 82nd Academy Awards today, as Disney decided to remove ABC from the cable television provider, which covers New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. Reports said Walt Disney Co. pulled out its channel from Cablevision after the two companies failed to agree on financial matters.

Cablevision’s contract with Walt Disney ended after 12:00 midnight on Sunday, with ABC replacing an ongoing episode of “Lost” with a message addressed to viewers saying that Cablevision has “betrayed” them. The cable provider later replaced the message with one that put the blame on ABC.

Cablevision refused to sign a new contract over what it said was Disney CEO Bob Iger’s desire to get an additional $ 40 million in fees from the cable provider. Despite the recent deadlock, some observers believe that a deal could still be reached between the two parties before the Oscars, one of the most anticiapted shows of the year, goes on air later today.