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California Says No License for Manny Pacquiao’s Next Opponent

antonio_margaritoThe next opponent of world boxing champion Manny Pacquiao of the Philippines has been denied for a boxing license in the state of California.

Voting 5-1, the California State Athletic Commission denied Antonio Margarito of Mexico for a license in the Golden State Wednesday, August 18, after a six-hour hearing.

Margarito is caught up in a controversy following his January 2009 fight with Shane Mosley in Los Angeles. A plaster like substance was found in his glove during the fight. He said he was not aware that such substance was in his gloves. The commission decided to deny him the license one part due to him not showing any remorse about the incident.

Now that the decision is out, the boxer can already apply for license in Texas where his fight with Pacquiao will be held on November 13.

Margarito was advised by the Association of Boxing Commission to finalize the issue with the California commission first before applying for any other state’s license. The advice was the same issued by the Nevada commission where he applied previously.