Call loved ones in the Philippines for only $1 a month with Globe

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Globe Duo International

Yes, you read it right. The Globe DUO International service is now more affordable at USD1 per month from the original price of USD25. The service lets Filipinos based in other countries communicate (a maximum of 3000 minutes per month) to loved ones in the Philippines. It is limited, however, to only 24 countries: USA, Canada, Japan, Spain, UK, Italy, South Korea, Malaysia, Australia, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Israel, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, South Africa, Portugal, Finland, Greece, Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria, Ireland, Belgium.

Why avail the service when there are a lot of available apps that will let you call for free (e.g. Viber,  Skype, Line)? Well, not all Filipinos have a 24/7 access to the internet. Without a decent wifi connection, the apps are useless. Calling is still a preferred method to communicate. Besides, Globe DUO International service does not need any app for it to work. A mobile phone with a Globe sim card is all you need.

How does it work?

DUO International is a subscription service that assigns a virtual international number to a registered Globe Postpaid/Prepaid and TM mobile number. Callers from abroad can call the international virtual number attached to the Globe Postpaid/Prepaid or TM mobile number.

Our family members and friends who are currently outside of Philippines must purchase a Globe DUO International Prepaid Card from Authorized dealers and retailers to subscribe to the service. If unsure of the dealers’ locations, prepaid cards can be bought at airports. You may also subscribe via Globe Duo International website using a credit card.

Note: Virtual International numbers cannot be used to make outgoing calls or texts. This is designed to receive incoming calls only.

However, the registration for this offer is only until 31st of October 2014. Let’s hope Globe will make the offer permanent. If not, then at least extend it until the holiday season.