Can light bulbs change the TV’s channel?

Couch-potatoes were simply stumped when their television sets just changed the channels on its own. This mystery has been laid to rest when engineers found the answer in the most unlikely object: energy saving light bulbs.

It was reported that some folks were intrigued that their Virgin Media Box would randomly switch channels or turn on and off. The same issue still occurred after the company replaced the said equipment. However, after a Virgin Media engineer suggested to change the light bulb located about 12 feet away from the device the problem stopped.

The flicker of the bulbs produces a frequency that interferes with the infra-red sensor of the remote sensor. This causes the media box to act so weird. However, according to a Philips Electronics spokeswoman, they’re quite surprised that these incident still happened since they have already changed the frequency of their bulbs that causes these interference many years ago.