Canadians plan to build a 30-story wooden skyscraper

Wooden Skyscraper Canada

In pursuit of the most Eco-friendly skyscraper, a team of Canadian architects are planning to create a 30-story building made of wood. The superstructure will be located in Vancouver, British Columbia, and large panels of laminated lumber will be used.

Yes, cutting down trees to make skyscrapers doesn’t sound green, but wooden buildings are more environmentally friendly for the following reasons: they’re constructed using timber from renewable forests, and wood (aside from being recyclable and biodegradable) actually sucks out CO2 from the atmosphere. It is also more cost-effective than steel or concrete.

But is it fire resistant?

“It may sound counter-intuitive, but performing well in a fire is something inherent in large piece of wood, that’s why in forest fires the trees that survive are the largest ones,” Architect Michael Green explains.

The Canadians aren’t the only ones interested in wooden skyscrapers. Plans are underway in Norway and Austria for 17- and 20-story buildings made of wood.