Cancer-Fighting Properties of Papaya Affirmed

Papaya leaf extract and tea fight cancerPapaya, a common fruit in most Asian countries, has properties that fight cancer cells. Researchers found in a study that the leaf extract and tea of papaya greatly slowed the growth of cancerous tumors. Nam Dang of the University of Florida said the anticancer capability of papaya was strongest when large doses of papaya leaf tea were administered into cells.

The study shows that papaya is effective against cancer of the cervix, breast, lung, liver, and pancreas. The papaya’s effectiveness lies in its ability to increase the body’s production of immune-system regulating molecules called Th1-type cytokines. Dang and colleagues said the discovery could lead to the development of cancer treatments that rely on the immune system. Another advantage of the papaya is its ability to fight cancer without harming healthy cells.

This study only confirms what many indigenous people, mostly in Asia and Australia, always knew—that the papaya has strong medicinal properties.