Carlina White, Kidnapped as a Baby, Solves Own Case 23 Years Later

Growing up, Carlina White always felt she did not belong to her family. On Wednesday, that suspicion proved to be true after results of DNA tests confirmed that White was the victim of a 1987 baby-snatching case that police have failed to solve after all these years.

White was abducted on August 4, 1987 at a Harlem hospital, where her mother, Joy White, had taken the then 19-day old Carlina. The abduction became a high-profile case but investigators could not find a lead. Years later, Carlina’s kidnapping was considered a cold case. All those years, Carlina, now known as Nejdra Nance, was growing up in Connecticut and later Georgia in a family where she did not have resemblance with any of the other members, police spokesman Paul Brown told the New York Times.

That suspicion led Carlina to investigate and finally found a picture of a baby that she believed was hers when she visited the website of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. Carlina then contacted her biological mother, who in turn sought the NYPD’s help.

Police later compared DNA samples from Carlina and her parents, Joy and Carl Tyson. Carlina and her parents’ DNA samples turned out to be a match, ending Joy White’s 23-year-saga to reunite with her daughter. As for Carlina, who plans to move to New York, she can finally say that she really belongs to her family.