Caroline Giuliani Shoplifting Case Set for Dismissal

Caroline Giuliani, the daughter of former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, is getting off easy from a shoplifting case after the judge decided to impose only a one-day community service as punishment.

Judge Jennifer Schecter also ruled that the case against the young Giuliani would be dismissed, or closed, after six months if the 21-year-old would avoid trouble or re-arrest. Manhattan District Attorney spokesman Eric Duggan said Giuliani accepted the terms set by Schecter when she appeared before the judge on Tuesday.

Giuliani was arrested on August 4 after she was caught shoplifting at the Sephora store on E. 86th St. in Manhattan. Security cameras caught Giuliani, a Harvard senior, stuffing into his jacket pocket several items worth around $150. Among the items found in her jacket pocket were a Dior skin primer and Bliss moisturizer. Giuliani, who was handcuffed out of the store, had some $300 in cash with her, enough to pay for the stolen items.

Under the deal reached in the case, Giuliani’s records would be wiped clean as long as she keeps out of trouble for six months. She could have faced up to a year in jail had she been convicted of the charges against her.

Photo from Wikipedia.