Cat Missing in Albuquerque Found in Chicago

A cat named Charles reported missing eight months ago in Albuquerque, New Mexico was found 1,300 miles in Chicago, Illinois.albuquerque-chicago

Owner Robin Alex was doing volunteer work for Habitat for Humanity and has left Charles with a friend when the tabby suddenly vanished.

“I was crushed,” Alex says. “I was so upset because I was inĀ New Orleans, so there was nothing I could do.”

Charles was picked up by the Windy City animal control workers. Alex was contacted after officials found the ID tracking microchip embedded in Charles’ back.

Alex feared that the cat would be euthanized, as she didn’t have the money for a plane ticket. Fellow Albuquerque resident and cat-owner Lucien Sims, who was about to fly home from Chicago to Albuquerque, arranged for the flight of Charles. A company provided the cat carrier and American Airlines waived Charles’ travel fees.

He is expected to be united with owner Alex on Sunday, April 18.

How Charles managed to travel 1,300 miles will probably remain a mystery.