Cavaliers Start Search for New Coach

LeBron James does not have and will not have a say in picking the Cleveland Cavaliers‘ new coach, owner Dan Gilbert said as the team confirmed that it has begun looking for fired mentor Mike Brown.

In a news conference, Gilbert confirmed that the Cavs have started talking to a number of coaches, including Michigan State mentor Tom Izzo, who was earlier rumored to have received an offer to move to Cleveland. Gilbert, however, refused to comment on talks that he has offered Izzo a contract.

While Gilbert was silent on Izzo, he was not on reports that James, the team’s top player, was a major influence in forming the Cavaliers’ new coaching staff. “The concept that LeBron James has been involved in any way, shape or form with firing our head coach…and will be involved in future coaching decisions and hires is totally, 100 percent and patently false,” Gilbert said.

Gilbert also announced during the conference that the Cavs have picked Chris Grant as the team’s new general manager, replacing Danny Ferry. Grant’s hiring is the first step in the Cavs’ rebuilding process following their second-consecutive early Playoff exit. Brown was fired a couple of weeks after the Cavaliers lost to the Boston Celtics in the Eastern Conference semifinals. Ferry later decided to resign as general manager. James can opt out of his contract by July and join the free agent market, which is expected to become the deepest in years.